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The Money Shot Cinema Lite is a first of its kind, poised to revolutionize how you capture aerial footage. Our design has roots in the X Class FPV Drone racing world, where we - Catalyst Machineworks - dominate all competition.

We used our extensive experience in the world of drone racing to build the foundation upon which this masterpiece was created... from there, we utilized our flawless design and testing methodology to transition the application from racing to cinema use. 

What you see here is the sum of years of hard work, extensive research and development and countless hours / dollars spent testing, retesting and testing again. 

The Money Shot Lite is exactly the same machine as it's brother, the X8, but with 4 motors instead of 8.  The feature set between the X8 and the quad is identical. The Money Shot Lite is designed for carry of light weight cinema cameras such as the Red Komodo, Zcam E2-F6, Black Magic 6K Pocket cam, Panasonic GH5s, or similar. Max payload possible is 5 lbs. With your camera of choice on board, the aerobatic magic your pilot and DP will be capable of should not be taken lightly... these shots could cause a director to immediately go into cardiac arrest. 

Top speeds in excess of 99mph, unparalleled maneuverability and endless barrel rolls are just the icing on the cake, with a creative visionary behind the monitors, the possibilities here are absolutely endless. 

You're welcome. 

No longer will your aerial shots be constrained by straight and level flight. No longer will your cinematic vision be limited by gimbal functionality and boring flight paths. With this new tool in your toolbox, if you can imagine it - your pilot can capture it. 

Craft Features: 

  • World's first FPV drone for large format cinema cameras
  • Same feature set as the X8, but designed for carry of lighter weight camera / lens combos
  • Able to accomplish cinematic FPV shots never before possible with cameras, such as the Red Komodo, Zcam E2-F6, Black Magic 6K, Panasonic GH5s or similar
  • Capable of extremely agile maneuvers not possible with traditional heavy lift drone / gimbal systems
  • Max payload (camera/lens) of 5 lbs
  • Max continuous power 14,400 watt (19.3 hp)
  • Top speed of 99 MPH. ***FAA approval required past 99MPH***
  • Flight time up to 5 minutes
  • Crystal clear 720P HD FPV system 
  • Long range 'crossfire' diversity radio link 
  • Robust landing gear design
  • GPS installed 
  • OSD (on screen display) info: flight pack voltage, craft name, total GPS satellites found, GPS coordinates, craft speed, and craft distance from home
  • Two XT60 fused outputs available. One 12VDC @ 10A, and one 12VDC at 6A
  • Each unit sold receives extensive testing prior to shipment 
  • Full technical support for the life of your Moneyshot 
  • Assembled, tested, and supported from Spring Texas, USA 
  • Insurance coverage available for your drone and cinema camera with
  • Lipos and radio NOT included with purchase
  • Camera power supply cable NOT included

Camera Mount Features: 

  • Highly effective anti-vibration system removes high frequency vibration from reaching your camera sensor 
  • Dampers can be removed or added depending on payload 
  • Allows for rapid adjustment of camera angle from 20 - 45 degrees incline
  • Accepts both 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 mounting 
  • No props in view @ 20 degree camera incline using 12mm lens (GH5) 

Lipo Battery Mount Features: 

  • Toolless lipo quick release system allows for rapid quick change of lipo flight packs
  • Quick release dovetail system allows for movement of flight packs forward or aft to counterbalance your camera and achieve perfect craft CG
  • One flight pack is required per flight for the quad. Flight packs are sold separate



  • Craft layout size (motor-1 to motor-4): 650mm diameter
  • Craft overall size: 750mm diameter
  • Craft overall height (including lipos): 369mm
  • Craft overall length (including lipos): 450mm
  • Craft overall width: 685mm


  • Craft all up weight (with both lipo sets): TBD lbs (TBD g)
  • Max payload: 5 lbs


  • Number of motors: 4 
  • Max continuous system amperage: 120A per motor 
  • Max burst system amperage: 200A per motor
  • Motor max no load RPM: 18,000 @ 50VDC

Lipo Battery Set

  • Voltage: 12s
  • Capacity: 5,100mah 
  • Discharge rate: 95C
  • Max burst discharge rate: 190C
  • Lipo plug: QS8 (8mm) 
  • Lipo charge cable (included with purchase): Custom QS8 to XT60 adapter set
  • Flight pack is sold separate


  • Diameter: 13"
  • Pitch: 10
  • Material: Composite plastic

Craft Miscellaneous

  • Compatible FPV goggles (sold separate): DJI FPV Goggles 
  • Compatible radio (sold separate): FrSky w/ Crossfire Micro TX Module 
  • Craft flight mode: Acro (aka "rate") 
  • FPV system lipo charging connector: XT60
  • Flight controller software: Betaflight firmware 


Money Shot Warranty 


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